Terms and Conditions

Ariel Digital Asset Exchange Platform

Users are required to read all the terms of this Agreement before registering and only sign up if accepted.

  • - Authentication is required to use Ariel services and users are required to upload their correct information. Obviously, in the event of any breach of authentication, the offender is responsible and Ariel will have the right to suspend the service to that user. Ariel is committed to protecting the privacy of its users.
  • - Ariel users say they are aware of the risks involved in investing in digital currencies and are knowledgeable about investing and exchanging them.
  • As the online marketplace for digital currency exchange, Ariel has no responsibility whatsoever for the manner in which its users are traded and the profits and losses resulting from it.
  • - Any user negligence in maintaining security information, including user password, is the sole responsibility of the user and Ariel shall have no responsibility whatsoever. It is strongly recommended to use a complex and secure password and two-factor identification code.
  • - If you wish to withdraw digital currencies, you will be responsible for providing the correct wallet address. Ariel will not be responsible for any problems, including errors in entering the correct address, address defects, destination wallet problems and blocking users' assets in the destination wallet.

Any changes to the laws, terms of service, fees and similar terms will be made available to users through the Ariel website.