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With Ariel, you will not need to pay a lot of money to convert money

We ensure the security of digital currencies in our system by implementing the highest global standards for digital currency storage.

The security mechanisms designed by the Ariel security team are designed to minimize system penetration, and we now proudly announce that the Ariel digital currency storage system can be used as a secure wallet.

Ariel Digital Currency Exchange aims to accelerate and facilitate the financing of digital currencies such as Bitcoin to help audiences buy or sell digital currencies in a secure environment.

Instant auto matching


Digital currency trading services must be fast and reliable. It doesn't matter if you want to buy bitcoin or sell Ethereum and any other digital currency. Everything must be done without delay. This is what we do for you at Ariel. Here's where to buy digital currency at the fastest possible time.

Trading exchange interface


We protect your assets with a multi-tier and multi-cluster system architecture.

Enter your address and order amount and submit your order and leave the process to Ariel and enjoy easy and hassle-free shopping.

Zero transaction fee


With Ariel, you will not need to pay a lot of money to convert money.

You can easily invest in any amount of dollars in Ariel and buy and sell digital currencies with the lowest amount of Ariel fees.


Ariel P2P helps you convert your money to crypto instantly where Ariel acts as an escrow for safekeeping of the transaction.

Pay Amount
place an order

You’ll be auto-matched with a seller instantly

Transfer To Wallet
confirm receiving the payment

The seller will confirm your payment as soon

Deposit Amount To Account
releases the escrowed USDT

It makes Ariel P2P a safe and fast method to convert fiat to crypto

Ecosystem key features

The reasons that made Ariel the best brand in the market and the first choice of customers in the market for bitcoin, ethereum and other digital currencies are:


The first reason that all users want to use Ariel is its high security. You can buy your own currency at any time without worry.


All Ariel processes are automated automatically, resulting in the least possible error and maximum speed.


Digital Currency Investment Training (Complete Guide and Step by Step).Our experts answer questions and problems


The price Ariel offers is a fair price with the least possible profit. A fully competitive price and even less than other currency exchange rates!


The lucrative world of trading is one of the most exciting parts of digital currency. By investing in digital currencies and trading and buying and selling digital currencies, you can make an amazing profit in a little while

  • Non-involvement of third party and intermediary

  • Very low fees for each transaction

  • Money transfers all over the world

  • high security

  • Fast transfer

  • No restrictions on transfer ceiling


Token Sale

The tokens will be available for transfer thar is rorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

  • Token Symbol ARL
  • Token Sale Start 15 JUL, 2019
  • Token Sale End 31 AUG, 2019
  • Tokens for sale 100,000,000
  • HardCap 50,000,000
  • SoftCap 10,000,000
  • Dollar Equivalent 40,000
  • Dollar Equivalent 40,000
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Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start at Tuesday, July 23, 2019


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Our team working hardly to make archiv and application

phase 1
Landing Page

create landing page and site introducing

phase 2
Developing platform

Developing the Ariel platform with multilingual user interface

phase 3
Launching User Dashboard

Launching stable version of the platform and developing new features

phase 4
Migrate to blockchain

Migrate to blockchain


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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of exchange, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

If you're looking to buy digital currencies like Bitcoin or want to cash in on your digital assets, Ariel helps you reach that goal in the fastest time. Ariel is the prestigious digital currency exchange market for those looking for a safe, secure, fast, convenient and inexpensive solution to convert their assets. In this market, buyers and sellers deal with each other without any intermediaries. One of Ariel's most important achievements is greater transparency of the price of digital currencies in the market for respected buyers and sellers, and reduced buying and selling costs due to the elimination of intermediaries.

Ariel now has the option to convert dollars to Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum, and vice versa. In the near future, more rosaries will be added to Ariel.

Working with Ariel is very easy. Create an account first using personal email. After authentication, you can deposit the amount of dollars or Ramars you want into your personal wallet and buy and sell online.

According to the rules in the world financial markets, the authentication of the clients is necessary to prevent any possible misuse. There are a few things to get you started with the Ariel site.


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